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We’re your independent advocate, not their hired sales department.

You’ll get a solution you can trust because we’ll only recommend solutions that we believe in. As your independent advocate, we sit on your side of the table.

What We Do »

What We Do

IT Consulting Without The Consulting Fee.

At Cloud Communications Group (CCG), we guide you through the entire cloud services purchasing process, including custom recommendations on cloud services that are based on your specific business needs.

We reduce costs and increase the productivity of your IT spending by guiding your organization through the transition of network and data solutions into more secure, connected, and cost-effective systems.

Know the best part? You won’t have to pay us a dime. The cost of our time comes directly from one of our 200+ partners.

What we don’t do 

What We Do

What We DON’T Do

No Strings Attached

Unlike equipment value-added resellers (VARs), network providers, or software dealers constrained by their products, we do not “sell” any one product.

  • We DON’T charge consulting fees.
  • We DON’T pressure you into “our solution.”
  • We DON’T leave you to sink or swim.
  • We DON’T abandon you after the sale.

We advise you so you can design IT solutions specifically to fit YOUR needs (regardless of the equipment, network provider, or software).

We Manage The Buying Process 

What We Don't Do

We Manage The Cloud Technology Buying Process

Purchasing cloud technology can seem overwhelming.

Let us make it easy for you!

From designing the system to procuring and implementing the new cloud software/solutions, we’re  involved to make sure all network elements are installed and programmed to work correctly on day one (and beyond).

…and Become Long-Term Partners

Our client relationships do not end when agreements are executed. We continue to work with our clients through the life cycle of their services to ensure the customer/vendor relationship remains solid. For example, we can escalate issues with the service provider’s support team. We also keep track of your cloud services inventory (what you pay for and why) and as technology changes, we can recommend newer solutions to make your business even more efficient.

How We Work 

Cloud Buying Process

How We Work

Compensation: Our clients do not pay us anything for our services. Our network of providers compensates us much like a home seller compensates a real estate agent; thus the real estate agent is a free resource for the buyer.

Provider Premiums: Pricing by the suppliers is consistent whether working directly with their sales staff or working with Cloud Communications Group (you don’t pay extra for services just because we helped you). However, our extensive experience in the industry can help identify and secure favorable terms and conditions that aren’t always common industry practice or knowledge, which means we save you time AND money.

Timing: We are usually open to a discussion with anyone about their future plans, but events that normally trigger a client to contact us include:

  • A new telephone system under consideration
  • Office relocation
  • Organization expansion or growth
  • Equipment refresh or upgrades
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery discussions
  • Reviews of network security plans and policies
  • Cost savings initiatives

Our Solutions 

Our Solutions

VoIP for Business

Connectivity & VoiceoverIP (VoIP)


Network Security & Advance Data Applications

Cloud Transition & Cloud Services

Cloud Transition & Cloud Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we cover in the initial meeting?

We want to hear how your business works (how you communicate with customers, suppliers, and employees). Our objective is to understand your business and find ways technology can help your business be more efficient (saving time and money). Request a free assessment »

What information is helpful for our discussion?

A good baseline is what technology services you use today. Services for Internet, voice, and software applications are good places to start (most of the specifics can be found on your monthly invoices). It is also helpful to know if you have contracts in place for any of these services. Request a free assessment »

Once you find a solution that is right for us, how long does it take to implement?

That depends on the solution. Some are implemented in as little as 5 days and others (such as fiber construction) can take as long as 120 days. Request a free assessment »

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