Finding The Right VoIP Solution Is Hard

You and your staff are focused on your core business. You probably don’t have the time or resources to become a voice technology expert or even care about what UCaaS means.

If you choose the wrong voice platform or provider, you lose:

  • Expenses – you may be paying more than you should, or for features and capacity that you do not need right now.
  • Features – you may have settled for less than you wanted or may be paying for a service bundle that includes unnecessary options.
  • Frustrations – you may be suffering poor communications due to outages, capacity issues, being locked into the wrong system or features or poor customer service.
  • Morale – your staff may be griping or outright rebelling.
  • Competition – we guarantee they are not sitting still.
  • …etc.
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Working With CCG Makes It Easier

We work with companies and organizations of 25 employees or more.

Digital Phone Systems

We help our customers when they are migrating or upgrading to hybrid and fully digital UCaaS phone systems. Systems are tailored to your current needs and wants.

Hybrid Phone Systems – traditional phone switch with landlines, coupled with VoIP powered phones and some ability to connect mobile phones

UCaas Phone Systems – cloud-based VoIP powered PBX

  • Entry level voice systems
  • Mid-range voice systems with additional capacity and features
  • Advanced voice systems of Entry, Mid or Top-level size with 3rd party Integrations
  • Enterprise level advanced voice systems with maximum features and multiple 3rd party integrations
VoIP Consulting Services in Dallas, TX

Available Features

We Help You Find The Right Phone System:






We have the time to work on the things you don’t.

Our core business is knowing the full landscape of voice solutions.

Chris Moffett

VoIP Expert Chris Moffett is Located in Dallas, TX

As your voice solutions partner, Cloud Communications Group:

  • Is independent and can deliver multiple options from multiple providers,
  • Will learn your business structure and goals,
  • Will understand your IT infrastructure,
  • Will determine the optimal hybrid or UCaaS (unified communications as a service) phone system for you,
  • Will research to source the optimal provider for you,
  • Will implement and support the selected solution,
  • Stays on to handle all customer service and escalations,
  • Walks alongside you to help identify and act on improvement, opportunities,
  • Will help you migrate to a new platform or provider when you need it.

We currently work with 59 different voice system providers.

What Our Clients Say

CCG’s ability to take the lead on research saved us valuable time, and their solid working knowledge of the industry and what was possible made the project move much faster. CCG has been an advocate for us with that carrier for the past 6 years.

Dario Benaglia, Director of Technology Infrastructure

Our experience with CCG has been great – They worked with us to find out exactly what we needed and then found a solution that met those needs.

Jeremy Fretwell, Marketing Director

If you are looking for a solid VAR then search no further, Cloud Communications Group is GOLDEN, and the skies have no limits.

Robert Moeller, IT Services Manager

CCG is a life saver. The service and hands-on assistance we have experienced surpasses any communications vendor we’ve ever had, and we couldn’t be happier. We highly recommend CCG to anyone who is frustrated and worn out from dealing with service providers who are unreachable and uncommitted to the small business owner.

Alice Galipp, Operations Manager

CCG delivers top notch expertise along with outstanding customer service. I highly recommend them for your IT needs.

Jeff Guest, Owner/CEO

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Voice FAQs

Are cloud voice systems less reliable than traditional systems?

Actually, they are more reliable. Since the routing and “brains” of a hosted system lives in a data center that has backup power and connectivity, calls and administrative functions are much less likely to be offline because of power outages or cable cuts in the streets.

What is hosted voice or UCaaS?

Hosted voice means the “brains” of a business phone system reside in a data center and not at your physical office. In most cases businesses see cost savings from hosted systems because expensive hardware and costly expertise are not required to install or maintain these systems. Additionally, functionality is the same or in most cases improved.

Can I keep my business telephone numbers?

Yes, you can keep existing numbers that you own and move them to the service provider of your choice.

Isn’t call quality on hosted voice worse than traditional phone calls?

No. However, proper setup and design of a hosted system is required to get good quality. When deployments are done without planning for the potential problems, end users can experience call quality problems. CCG staff will help identify potential issues and resolve them before a system is deployed.

Are hosted voice systems secure?

Yes. Hosted providers TLS (transport layer security) to encrypt calls passing through their network.

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