The technology industry is constantly evolving new gadgets and widgets that claim to solve all types of business problems.  SD-WAN or Software Defined Wide Area Networking is no different.  Over the past few years numerous companies have popped up claiming their SD-WAN solution can do almost anything.  Some is true but we have seen several myths take life and the resulting confusion has led to bad decisions.

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Most of what’s written about SD-WAN discusses the technology’s potential to transform network connectivity by making them more agile, flexible, and cost-effective for both enterprises and service providers. The truth is, while this technology provides many benefits compared to legacy networks there may be shortcomings depending on the implementation.

A multitude of startups and existing WAN Optimization vendors have positioned themselves as SD-WAN solution providers. Each of them have spun their stories around the scope of their particular technology and advantages, resulting in a fair bit of confusion among buyers. This confusion has led to quite a few myths emerging about SD-WAN that you should be aware of before evaluating any solution, and investing in this evolving technology.

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