In January 2017, Avaya telecommunications company filed chapter 11 bankruptcy to reduce its debt load of about $6.3 billion.

The bankruptcy underscores the challenges telecommunications companies face as they transition to software and services from hardware. With the uncertainty of the company’s future, many Avaya customers – which include a substantial number in the hospitality industry — are scrambling to find new telecommunications contractors due to internal policies that do not allow them to contract with a company in Chapter 11.

Silver Lining

This represents an excellent opportunity to upgrade and reduce monthly costs. Many organizations have been using antiquated on-premise phone systems, which are costly from both a capital investment and maintenance perspective. As an example, a typical hotel using an on-premise Avaya system not only purchases the on-premise phones in each room, but the phone numbers, and monthly maintenance costs which can total $20,000+ per year.

Example: Mid-Size Hotel (280 rooms)

  • $450,000 Capital investment for phones, servers, etc. up front
  • $1,200 a month for phone numbers and telco connectivity per property
  • $1,000 Monthly Avaya maintenance fees

The Solution

With one of our trusted partners, Nextiva, CCG can deploy a completely managed hosted phone system that handles all guest rooms and administrative voice communications for less than $2.50 a room.

Fully functional and integrated with major hotel management systems, the NextOS for Hospitality solution allows hotel operators to manage their communications effectively with less cash outlay. NextOS unified communications for hotels, travel and entertainment centralizes business communications (voice and video), on a global, redundant platform trusted by 16 of the top 20 communications providers.

Designed for the hospitality industry, the Nextiva NextOS system allows users to:

  • Seamlessly move calls between devices remotely
  • Manage incoming and outgoing messages
  • Maintain up-to-date schedule information
  • Configure controls on calls and voicemail
  • Collaborate with corporate headquarters, suppliers, partners, and franchise locations to improve customer service and supply management.

Avaya business customers interested in transitioning to a cloud-based telecommunication system will benefit by saving thousands of dollars per year.  Cloud-based systems often do not require a capital investment, nor a required maintenance fees and teleco connectivity is included.

Instead, the entire system may be replaced with a monthly fee of approximately $1,700/month with a nominal investment for increased IT infrastructure. This is a great opportunity for organizations of all sizes to convert from costly outdated systems to cloud-based systems at a fraction of the cost.

The Service

Cloud Communications Group (CCG) provides consultative transition services at no cost to organizations looking to transition their phone systems to the cloud. As a leader in enterprise Unified IP Communications, their experienced professionals work with in-house IT professionals to guide them through the transition process into the best, more secure, cost-effective, cloud-based system for the company.

Unlike other equipment VARs, network providers, or software dealers constrained by their products, CCG does not “sell” any one product. Instead, CCG designs IT solutions specifically to fit client needs regardless of the equipment, network provider, or software typically saving organizations more than 20% on their IT costs. Their flexible service model, highly evolved operations, consultative business approach, and powerful client relationships define Cloud Communications Group as the industry leader in cloud-transition. Request a quote today.